College-Town Hotels Offer Stash Hotel Rewards to Campus-Bound Families

Cornell University, New York © 2013 Karen Rubin/

Hotels across the U.S. are attracting college-bound travelers and their families by offering Stash Hotel Rewards, one of the nation’s largest point-based loyalty programs for independent hotels.

More than 75 independent hotels located either on or near major U.S. university campuses are part of the Stash Hotel Rewards program – making it possible for incoming families to get an up-close look at campus life, while also earning and redeeming rewards points at some of the country’s most unique hotels.

Since its debut in 2010, the Stash Rewards program has grown its network of hotel partners located on or near universities by 80% each year. This rapid growth points to the value that a rewards program provides independent hotels wishing to capture repeat campus visitors.

Stash members earn 5 points for each dollar spent on eligible room rates – and because Stash points never expire, and there are no black outs or category restrictions like those found in many chain programs, travelers are able to redeem points during the busiest collegiate occasions of the year. Freshman orientation, parents’ weekend, and homecoming are all early opportunities for campus visitors to start earning Stash Rewards – and for hoteliers to enroll new Stash members and begin building guest loyalty.

“We make every effort to get the parents involved in the Stash Rewards program upon their first visit to campus,” said Tom Fernandez, Director of Business Development at Hotel Skyler, located in the heart of the Syracuse University campus in Syracuse, NY. “By providing a terrific experience and the added incentive of Stash Rewards, we can have 4 or 5 years with these families.”

Many of these hotels are immersed in campus history, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the school’s culture and tradition while also providing a truly authentic collegiate experience.

“The Stash program is the first one to get it right,” said Kim Kudelka, General Manager of Inn at Saint Mary’s, a boutique hotel located on the Saint Mary’s College campus and adjacent to University of Notre Dame. “We don’t have to choose between a rewards program and our independent nature. We are able to maintain our deep connection with both Saint Mary’s College and the University of Notre Dame, while still honoring our devoted guests.”

By seizing these early opportunities to connect with their guests, independent college-town hotels can drive greater frequency in guest visits and help parents save during what can be an expensive time in their lives.

“On average, we see parents visiting Texas Tech between 4 and 10 times a year,” said Kurt Metcalf, General Manager of Overton Hotel & Conference Center in Lubbock, TX. “By partnering with Stash, we are able to reward these frequent guests, and offer them a way to save throughout their child’s college career.”

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