MiFi: XCom Global Introduces Low Cost Internet Access Service for Inbound Travelers to the US

XCom Global, Inc., a leading provider of low cost wireless Internet access rental services for international travelers, has launched a U.S. MobileHotspot Plan to provide travelers to the United States with fast, affordable data connections for a daily flat rate.

Reservations for the U.S. Mobile Hotspot Plan can be made prior to the traveler’s departure to the United States. The traveler simply indicates an arrival date and a specific location (address of hotel, office, etc.) where the XCom Global device should be shipped. When the traveler reaches the U.S. destination provided, an XCom Global package will be waiting for them and instant, fixed-rate connectivity will be at the ready.

Over the past three years, XCom Global has provided thousands of travelers heading abroad to 170 countries with convenient, low cost internet access. Now, this service is available for inbound travelers, through the U.S. Mobile Hotspot Plan.

“We have provided thousands of travelers heading abroad with convenient, low cost internet access,” said Seiji Nishimura, founder and CEO, XCom Global, Inc. “As the word has spread about XCom Global, we have received many requests by travelers heading into the United States to provide them with the same service. They get hit with similar roaming charges as U.S. travelers who are out of country. Demand has grown to the point that we’ve decided it was time to create this special plan for U.S. visitors.”

By utilizing XCom Global’s wireless data rental service, travelers can take advantage of XCom Global’s pre-negotiated rates and arrange for data connectivity at a fixed rate before they set out on their trip. Travelers have an affordable data connection upon arrival as soon as they power up their XCom Global Mobile Hotspot. The Hotspot is battery powered, fits in your pocket, connects via 3G or 4G wireless networks and can work with up to five devices – no technical expertise or unauthorized unlocking required – to provide private and secure connections including support for WPA2 and VPN pass-thru. Since it is a flat-fee rental, travelers have the comfort of knowing the exact cost of staying connected and can avoid counting megabytes or incurring expensive roaming fees.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., XCom Global is a U.S. subsidiary of an established Japanese company that has been in the forefront of providing travelers with innovative wireless communications services for over 14 years. For more information, visit www.xcomglobal.com, call 877-520-8242 or contact info@xcomglobal.com. In addition, get updates and travel tips by connecting on Facebook and Twitter

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